Friday, May 28, 2010

Phase 5: Complete (???)

It looks like collision detection is working! I implemented the method mentioned in my last post (hint: ????? was a much more involved step than I thought it would be), and now when the playership fires bullets at the one enemyship on the screen, it registers as hits. Time for some extensive testing...

Also, time to do some SERIOUS code cleanup. I need to go back and finish phase 4 (give enemy ships the ability to fire), and then tie all 5 phases together into what would technically be a "working" prototype for the game. I'll also need to do some pretty basic things (set up boundary conditions for all of the game objects, figure out what the final function prototype is going to look like for the collision detection function, create a GameManager class and throw everything into it instead of in main(), etc). So, as simple as phase 4 will be, it probably wont be done for a little while.

RANDOM tip of the day: I noticed that when I moved my ship diagonally up-right, I could fire at the same time. However, when I moved diagonally in ANY other direction, I couldn't fire! The code that handles movement and firing is extremely simple, so I was pulling my hair out before I finally did a little googling and realized that.... certain keyboards have limitations to how many keys can be pressed at once in certain regions of the keyboard (not even kidding). Once I changed my "fire" button from Space to S, everything started working.

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