Sunday, May 23, 2010

New machine!

I finally broke down and upgraded/rebuilt my desktop. The limitations of programming on a laptop started to become unbearable.

Current rig features:
  • i7 930
  • Asus P6T
  • 6GB OCZ Gold DDR3 12800
  • Corsair 750TX
  • 2xSamsung S2333SW (23" displays, 1920x1080)
So... life is good! But it's time to get back to coding. I still haven't started the collision detection algorithm, but I've been reconsidering the method mentioned in my previous post. I might be better off doing something like this:
  • Call the "relative velocity" vector AB
  • Call the "stationary" point P
  • Create a vector AP, that starts at one end of the relative velocity vector and ends at P
  • Project AP onto AB (something like this:
  • ??????
  • Profit

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